We understand that a product and service that is unlike any other in the industry, that will have questions that need answering.
APS Mobile Detailing proudly offers the highest quality Polymer Sealants

The application of polymer sealant creates a barrier between the finish and the elements, preventing damage and preserving the attractiveness of the car's appearance. Polymer sealant is used in detail work as part of routine maintenance.

Two Step Process:  
Step 1: Base Coat is the most aggressive chemical for a vehicle’s paint surface. Base Coat removes extensive wash scratches, micro scratches, oxidation, swirl marks and many other types of paint damage. This essential auto detailing product is safe for all clear coats and is considered a "true cut" chemical. It contains no silicone, which means it does not hide damage but actually removes it. 
Step 2:  Polymer Paint Sealant is a specially formulated auto paint sealant that provides the highest level of paint protection. APS Mobile Detailing offers the same great-looking sparkle and brilliance that dealerships have provided for years. Our Polymer Paint Sealant contains a unique blend of acrylic polymer resins and high-grade levels of silicones that seal out environmental hazards and hide minor paint imperfections.

Coventional sealants and waxes begin to melt when surface temperatures reach 75 degrees F.  The wax will begin to break down the same day it is applied, with APS Polymer Sealant, your vehicle's surface can exceed 110 F degrees.
 Sealants will reduce your vehicle's drag (especially boats and planes) by up to 20-40%, and will increase your top end speed 5-10%.  APS Sealants will also help your vehicle to save on fuel consumption by 3-5%.  Boat/plane owners will see noticeable increases in cruising speeds while decreasing fuel consumption.  Special brightners added to APS Sealants will produce a shine on your vehicle up to 50% brighter than any other product.  The hardened protective shell created by APS Sealants will rust-proof, weather-proof, seal and protect your vehicle, reducing the frequency of washing by 50%! 

Restore vehicles that have been neglected, or preserve vehicles to keep their appearance lustrous. 

Above all of this, the best benefit  that APS Sealants have to offer is a minimum 1 year warranty on vehicles in good condition or better.